Thursday, January 7, 2010

Arenas: 'Agent Zero' Dollars...OR Sense!

So, let me get this straight. Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely and without pay by NBA Commissioner David Stern. The 28-year old star of the Washington Wizards, who is in the 2nd year of a six year $111 million dollar contract is losing $147 grand for each game he misses. He is being investigated by authorities for the possession of not one, but FOUR firearms in the Wizards locker room in what appears to be an OK Corral type standoff.

Seeing this all unfold, it's almost too bizarre to believe. There is no way ANYONE could be this dumb! But, Arenas...or Agent Zero, as is his nickname, has proven me wrong.

Let me count the ways. You have firearms in Washington D.C. Illegal. You have them in the workplace. Unethical and dangerous. You saw former Giants wide receiver Plexico Burress go to prison just months ago for shooting himself in the leg in a New York night club in a city where the gun laws are just as strong. Not paying attention. What if your weapon or that in the hands of teammate Jarvis Crittendon (There are reports Crittenton's weapon may have been loaded with a round chambered) had discharged, accidentally or otherwise? Reckless. Then, after all of this, during the course of a subsequent game, you point at teammates on your bench in a shooting motion as a 'joke'. Not funny to the Commissioner.

The last gesture caused Commissioner Stern to declare Arenas 'not currently fit to take the court' in an NBA game. The league is still investigating the matter as are the authorities. My guess is Arenas punishment(s) will be much more 'stern' before this thing is over, no pun intended because nothing about this is funny. Arenas would do well to grasp that fact.

The irony of this is as follows. Arenas is the face of the Wizards franchise, which changed it's name from the Bullets in 1997. Owner Abe Pollin decided to make the change because of the high crime and murder rates in the D.C area. The Wizards organization is backing the NBA's decision to suspend Arenas.

Gilbert Arenas is a great talent on the floor, but he STILL doesn't get it. There is not a set of laws and rules for Agent Zero, and another set for the rest of us.

$111 million dollar player. Five penny head.