Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thanks, Philly...Shame on You, Gov.

Last week, the weather on the east coast was frightful. The Eagles vs. Vikings game was postponed from Sunday to Tuesday out of concern for the commuting fan. Great idea...right idea. It's the first time in my recent memory that a team did something to place the interest of the fan above that of the bottom line and concession sales. Good job.

What I don't get is why Governor Rendell decided to invoke the 'woosie' term referring to the rescheduling of the game. Emergencies had been declared. Lives were at stake on the roads. It's not a 'tough guy' thing. It's a matter of taking care of the public.

Tell the folks stranded in airports...for suck it up. How about those stranded on roads for hours waiting for them to clear?

I guess what I'm saying is is a game, but life is life. Careful, Gov. Life and safety of the people is more important. The Eagles and the NFL made the right call.