Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tucker Carlson: Insensitivity, And Beyond

I don't know Tucker Carlson personally, but we did share some satellite banter back in the old CNN days. I remember the bow tie, the dry humor, and the right wing point of view he espoused. Other than that, he seemed likable enough while being thoughtful and intelligent.

Well, all that went out of the proverbial window with his recent comments about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. President Obama had called Eagles ownership to commend them on giving Vick another chance in the NFL. I happen to agree with the president because ALL of us fall short of God's expectations, and ALL of us deserve a second chance after dealing with the consequences of poor judgment.

In case you've forgotten - and the conservative media wouldn't dare let you - Vick was convicted for his role in dog fighting. He served 18-months in prison and lost tens of millions of dollars in the process along with any good reputation he might have had.

Please get this straight: I don't know Michael Vick, and I know nothing of dog fighting except what I learned covering the story to some degree. He deserved every bit of punishment the court dished out. I do know what he did to those animals was reprehensible and wrong beyond explanation. But, for Mr. Carlson to come on FOX News and say the man should have been executed is beyond irresponsible. And, for him to preface the comment by proclaiming his alleged status as a Christian is an insult to all of us Christians everywhere. You can think such things, as wrong headed as they may be, but you cannot say such things over the airwaves. It is hateful, insensitive, and geared to appeal to the small minded among us who either can't or won't think for ourselves. It's like a one man lynch mob wearing a suit and screaming 'GET HIM!' to anyone ignorant enough to listen.

That's the bad part...but, here's the worst. There can only be one reason Mr. Carlson is still holding down a position, although he was guest hosting for Sean Hannity that day (don't get me started on HIS act). That's because some decision maker at Fox News either agrees with Mr. Carlson OR they see a profit in sensationalism of this story which is, frankly, very old news. Either way, it is wrong, UN-fair and UN-balanced.

Have your political views - this is America, and we are all entitled to our own. But, let's be mindful that we are not the judge and jury just because we have access to a microphone.

The only thing which should be executed here is Mr. Carlson's access to a microphone, lest he sees the errors of his ways.